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Главная » 2017 » Март » 4 » Frostagrath - Day (Katatonia Cover) (2017 - New Track)
Frostagrath - Day (Katatonia Cover) (2017 - New Track)

FrostAgratH is a depressive / atmospheric black metal band from Egypt formed in 2011. They started with a demo "A Depiction of Melancholic Reality" in 2012, and in 2013 released a full-length debut album "A Journey of Infinite Sorrow". The same year they presented another one - "Extinguishing the Flame of Life" after releasing a single "Into a Dimensional Timeless Void" and a split "Dust Shall Remain" created with an atmospheric black / doom metal band Viragha from SriLanka. In 2014 they released a split "Scars of Isolation" with Xoresth from Turkey and "Death Waltz" with bands "About Abortions" and "Farewell Winter". Later, in 2015, one more full-length album "A Defective Incarnation" was released and last year they presented an EP "Spectral Existence". In 2017 they released a single "In Memoriam Aeternam" with a Katatonia cover. Enjoy!
Now it's dark and you're colder
Now it's dark and I'm older
Now it's dark and you're colder
And you tell me my parks are grey!

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