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One of our favourite groups is Imber Luminis from Belgium. They started in 2006 and now works on their new album "Nausea". Release is planned through Naturmacht Productions in 2017. While we're waiting for this masterpiece, enjoy their well-known song "I'm not" re-recorded in 2012.

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FrostAgratH is a depressive / atmospheric black metal band from Egypt formed in 2011. They started with a demo "A Depiction of Melancholic Reality" in 2012, and in 2013 released a full-length debut album "A Journey of Infinite Sorrow". The same year they presented another one - "Extinguishing the Flame of Life" after releasing a single "Into a Dimensional Timeless Void" and a split "Dust Shall Remain" created with an atmospheric black / doom metal band Viragha from SriLanka. In 2014 they released a split "Scars of Isolation" with Xoresth from Turkey and "Death Waltz" with bands "About Abortions" and "Farewell Winter". Later, in 2015, one more full-length album "A Defective Incarnation" was released and last year they presented an EP "Spectral Existence". In 2017 they released a single "In Memoriam Aeternam" with a Katatonia cover. Enjoy!
Now it's dark and you're colder
Now it's dark and I'm older
Now it's dark and you're colder
And you tell me my parks are grey!

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